Australian Beef Cattle Exports

Australia is the largest exporter of beef cattle for both breeding and fattening (feeder) purposes. The value of Australian Beef Cattle Exports annually ranges between AUD $650 million up to $700 million. Major importers of Australian Beef Cattle include Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Turkey, the Russian Federation and many other countries who import cattle for specialised breeding programs.

Due to Australia's quarantine status and freedom from many diseases, Australia is very often the first preference for an importing country to source beef cattle. As a result of the vast variation in climatic regions, Australia offers beef cattle breeds such as Angus, Murray Grey, Wagyu, Brahman, Santa Gertrudis and a wide variety of other breeds and crossbreds.

Australian Livestock Exports has a close association with many of Australia's top cattle breeders and the ability to source large numbers of breeding cattle from either pedigree or commercial bloodlines through to smaller numbers of rare and more specialised breeds of Australians Beef Cattle.

Australian Livestock Exports - black angus cattle 2

Australian Livestock Exports - brahman cow